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Like nothing else in real estate.

We started SparkAuction not patiently waiting for what’s next. We’re what’s next. Right now.

We’re the new virtual residential real estate marketplace utilized by sellers to expedite the sale of their real estate asset in real time. We’re the engine that brings supply and demand together in an uncomplicated, active virtual marketplace.

SparkAuction provides greater access and transparency and creates urgency with buyers incorporating strategic pricing prompts based on time sensitivity. With SparkAuction, all who are involved in the process have more insight and control than ever before, based on our belief that it shouldn’t be so difficult to sell or buy a home.

If you think multiple offers via email and written hidden offers are better than an auction – think again. It’s 2021, and the consumer is demanding greater transparency and speed in everything they do.

Let’s connect and ignite the sales process. Let’s perform within your timeline and your terms.

SparkAuction is the new name for SOLD.

What people are saying

I received 13 offers on my house! It was incredible. Spark's marketing methods, outreach and use of psychology in the selling process are unsurpassed. I think it will become the way to sell real estate in the future!
Incredibly seamless process with desired results. We listed our house over the weekend with Spark. By the end of the weekend we had 6 offers. Spark is the most economical and effortless way to sell your home!
Process was very data driven and dispassionate. No typical broker fluff and wind. Honed right in on pricing that would attract interest and got the job done efficiently.

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See what other buyers are willing to pay
Reduces time it takes to buy/sell
Know if property met reserve price
Never lose property
Traditional model
Guessing if sellers have other offers
Drawn out negotiations
Buyers frustrated by lack of immediate
clear feedback
Buyers lose out when “seller took another offer”

How to be smarter than a Zestimate.

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