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Our Story

Why SparkAuction?

Mike Russo, previous owner of Concierge Auctions and Max Romer, co-founder of GiveSmart met in 2011. The two firms tried to combine their experience and individual strengths but the market wasn’t ready yet for their combined super powers.

Fast forward almost 10 years, and Mike and Max have combined their experience, knowledge and talent to bring you SparkAuction.

We have created, watched, learned, and built software for the last 10+ years. Our software is the product of decades of experience in the auction industry. Our founder, Mike Russo, knew that auction businesses could better represent their sellers and achieve greater liquidity by developing technologies currently only available to large scale ecommerce sites like Amazon and Shopify.

SparkAuction makes running your auction business simple, expands your reach, and ensures the best possible results.

Mike Russo and Max Romer are both veterans of the auction business. Mike previously led Concierge Auctions to over a billion dollars in sales. Max helped create one of the largest fundraising auction platforms in GiveSmart. Now, they’ve combined their decades of experience to create SparkAuction.